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Waxing treatments are used to remove unwanted hair from the body, where the wax is applied the skin then removed taking away the hair and top layer of skin, this is a semi-permanent solution to removing unwanted hair. At Awtar, our waxing treatments are the ideal solution for the removal of unsightly hair and unlike shaving which encourages hair growth and stubble, waxing treatments will leave you silky smooth. Our waxing treatments include removal of leg hair removal, bikini line waxing, facial hair removal and eyebrow sculpting.

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Body Scrub

Awtar offers all types of facial and skin services customized to suit your skin types. Our professional staff are well trained to do the job with sheer perfection and with utmost satisfaction. Exfoliating body scrub treatments make use of different products to help the outer layer of skin stay smooth and healthy. At Awtar, we offer various types of body scrub packages.

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Body Massage

Spending a long time sitting, hunched over a desk or behind the wheel can put pressure on your shoulder and neck area. This stress and discomfort can be relieved through the soothing, skilful art of a body massage. Massaging aching joints in the shoulders and neck can revitalise your lymphatic system, while also releasing endorphins which takes you to a place of ecstasy.

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